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All of the below services can be purchased in a form of a gift card. You can request it by sending me an email :)

Private sound healing massage

Sound healing therapy is a very gentle treatment that brings the body to its natural state inducing healing processes of the organism. The vibrations created by the sound bowls resonate with the body, bringing the cells and tissues back to their natural state. It slows down the brainwaves' frequency and induces deep relaxation that has an immediate beneficial effect.

Sound healing massage: 

  • Significantly reduces stress 
  • Creates a state of deep relaxation 
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Eliminates pain 
  • Strengthens immunity 
  • Heals the physical and emotional body 
  • Induces a deep meditative state 
  • Removes energetic blocks 
  • Cleanses negative energy 
  • Harmonizes the chakras 
  • Improves sleep 


Sound healing therapy is also suitable for children because it: 

  • Improves learning processes 
  • Develops creativity and imagination 
  • Synchronizes the cerebral hemispheres 
  • Eliminates fears, pain and tension


Sound therapy is also ideal for hyperactive children or children with attention deficit disorders. It improves concentration and helps children relax. It increases self-confidence (awareness of self-worth) and improves sleep.  

Price: 1h 17000 ISK, 30min 9000 ISK

Schumann3d Platte 

Schumann 3D Platte platform emits stimulating vibrations that have a positive effect on the functioning of individual organs as well as the entire body. Thanks to a unique combination of sinusoidal, clockwise, three-dimensional, harmonious vibrations synchronized with Schumann resonance frequency, 7.83 Hz, exercises on the platform restore the body's natural rhythm. The vibrations generated by the platform improve blood supply to the nervous system, unblock energy channels and allow the body to regain its efficiency. Additionally, they de-stresses and relax the body and the mind. The Schumann 3D Platte platform gently regulates and organizes the position of the spine. This modern device is based on the biodynamic energy flow system (BDES), which corresponds to the natural course of motion, without the use of chemicals. Additionally, exercises on the Schumann3D Platform have beautifying properties: they stimulate the work of cells, tighten and nourish the skin, reduce cellulite, and shape the body. When used regularly, they reduce the accumulation of new fat cells. The Schumann platform can be used at any age, it does not cause any negative side effects.

Schumann 3D Platte vibration platform: 

  • activates blood circulation and metabolism, 
  • improves motor coordination and increases local physical fitness, 
  • increases strength and increases muscle performance.  
  • eliminates painful muscle tension and blockages as well as clumps in connective tissue, 
  • increases endurance and overall physical fitness, 
  • strengthens the muscular, nervous and lymphatic system.  
  • increases the body's resistance, 
  • reduces back and joint pain, 
  • reduces the level of stress and problems with falling asleep, 
  • reduces weight by burning calories faster. 
  • removes blockages and improves energy flow.  
  • increases concentration and reaction speed 


  • pregnancy, 
  • severe blood clots 
  • injuries and severe inflammation, 
  • fresh fractures, 
  • postoperative status, 
  • body weight over 200 kg, 
  • a strong rheumatic disease, 
  • detachment of the retina of the eye.

Price: 20min 6000 ISK, 40min 11000 ISK

Group sound bath

A group sound bath allows its participants to calm down and relax within the immersive energy field created by the group with the sound's guidance. Entering a meditative state, the mind gets clear and silent while the participants become observant and distant to the ego-identity. This brings benefits on many levels, simultaneously: a relaxed body activates its natural healing qualities, rejuvenating the tissues and organs; the mind rests from everyday stress, chatter and inner dialogue; the spiritual and personal growth perpetuates as the participants obtain a new perspective and understanding of their life events and experiences.
Besides the effects on the individual, a sound bath is a great way to bond with others on a subtle energetic and subconscious level. It can be used by families, friends or coworkers for its team-building qualities.

Price: depends on the amount of participants. Please use the email contact form for details. 


I am very flexible and adjustable with the services I provide.
If what I do resonates with you but you feel you would like to change or add something, or maybe you can't make it to my studio and you need a home visit, please let me know by using the email form in the 'Contact' section
I'm sure we can figure everything out :)